Coconut Producer Company Ltd.

Facilitated by Coconut Development Board

What is Neera? - Neera-the Global Health Drink

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Help farmers to get maximum price to their coconut products by organic Farming and to give them modern technology for cultivation, harvesting for their higher productivity.


To build prosperous sustainable coconut sector by forming farmer owned producer – Company to carrying the business of producing, procuring, pooling, handling, packaging Manufacturing, marketing, developing, dealing in pure coconut products including NEERA. To export high quality organic products with integrity which gives high level customer satisfaction in international market thereby making high economic gain to the farmers , and to assist in economic growth of the nation.

Objectives of the company

  • To take up coconut farmers better cultivation for high productivity , so they can get Maximum advantage from the field
  • To take up research activities on pest and disease of coconut trees.
  • To take up NEERA production ,processing ,and marketing.
  • To take up in hi-breed cultivation.
  • To export value added products from coconut and coconut wood.
  • To integrity in organic farming.